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You do your research before you buy a car. Should you not do the same when investing in the greatest assets in your business?

Our human capital management team works beside you to understand the dynamics and culture of your business before the first job profile is prepared. Once we akin with your dynamics, we implement all the templates, processes and company policies required to maximise staff performance and maintain that performance over the long term.

Our ongoing management service provides screening of potential employees, addressing staff issues and representing you at the CCMA, if required.

Our Human Capital services

Need a Body?

Make sure you know exactly who you are looking for. Before posting that Job Vacancy ad, we compile a Job Profile that determines the necessary skills and qualifications required. We then create the Job Specification to cover all the information a potential candidate might be interested in, and to ensure that we attract the right people first time round.

Job Descriptions

Our Job Descriptions go beyond just telling an employee what they should be doing. We create measurable outputs that are aligned to your strategic objectives, ensuring that your people focus on the right things all the time

Ongoing management

We provide an ongoing management function, working together with you and your management team, to address performance in the workplace.


We help you address under-performance in the workplace. Being driven by measurable outputs, we have the difficult conversations with your team when performance is not going according to plan.

Training and development

Our managed service includes ensuuring the correct mechanisms are in place to aid ongoing staff development. We develop Personal Development Plans with each employee and their respective manager and encourage achievement of the Plan. We also implement a Performance Appraisal system that works with the culture and dynamics of the business.

Staff leaving?

We conduct exit interviews for you so that we can understand how to further improve conditions within the work environment.