CNB Group = A team x

(Marketing specialists + a business and outsourced services consultancy)

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Our Story

CNB Group started in 2014 providing project management and business consulting services to the industry. In 2016 we shifted our focus away from large corporates, and focused on the SME market.The question ...

How can we help small businesses prosper in a market flooded by giant players on an uncertain playing field?

The solution ... Offer a holistic solution so that we can analyze all the dynamics of the business. Put all your eggs in one basket is what we say. We work closely with our clients, helping them reduce spend, optimise processes and transform their operations and products.

Why Choose Us

Anchored in global standards

Our team spends hours in research to continuously re-align its solutions to global standards and benchmarks

The Best of Both Worlds

CNB Group is both a marketing company and an outsourced services company, coupled with management consultants with decades of experience in the industry

Tick ALL your boxes

No need to have multiple vendors doing different things in your business. We take care of ALL your business needs, leaving you to focus on growing your business

We get to the heart of YOUR business

Our clients love us because we become an integral part of their team. We build healthy relationships with our business partners and treat their business as if it was our very own

We show you the money

Whether it's increasing revenue, cutting costs or improving overall profitability, our solutions focus on not just increasing your bottom figure, but re-engineering your business to thrive in the long term


At the very core of our business is our pursuit for excellence. We are never happy with just getting the job done. We have consistently, and will continue to, WOW our clients with our extraordinary service

Our Vision and Mission

We strive to be a reliable and professional company offering you a wide range of indispensable solutions.

We work closely with you so that we can build your business to withstand uncertain times and to capitalize on the technologies, advancements and business strategies available globally.

Our Philosophy

Put all your eggs in one basket. That way you have one service provider offering you a host of products at a competitive bundled rate with the added benefit of providing best-of-breed advice to help you survive and excel in the long-term

What if you had a strategic partner that took care of your online and print marketing needs, and helped you with your payroll and financials, and even showed you how to re-engineer your processes and business?

Would you partner with a group of individuals who are as passionate about your business as you are? Because when you're a small fish in a big ocean every inch counts and every cent matters.

And that is why it is our philosophy to give you the best prices possible, with expert advice in a business language that you're comfortable with (no latin words, we promise!).