We are committed to creating a generation of future pioneers

  • Why we do we what we do?
  • Our Vision
  • How we do it

Why we do what we do

Every year 1.3 million South African children look forward to their very first day at school. For the next 12 years, these children will go through a South African syllabus that is meant to prepare them for the real world – either to go on to study at one of our prestigious universities and colleges or, for those who do not pass with a university or college pass, to hunt for a job in an already vicious market place.

Based on research led by Dr. Andre van Zyl of the Academic Development Centre at the University of Johannesburg:

  • Of the 1.3 million Grade 1 children, 1.1 million children will reach Grade 10. That’s not a bad statistic – an 85% success rate!
  • But after that … it’s all downhill. 46% of those children who make it to Grade 10 will not make it Grade 12. That’s a whopping 489,822 children.
  • Of the 610,178 children who do make it to Grade 12, 341,993 children will pass, either with a university or a college pass.
  • Assuming all 341,993 children do get into a university, 50% of them will fail their first year of undergraduate study. Only 85,498 learners will go on to walk away with a qualification. That’s a staggering 6% of the 1.3 million Grade 1 children that started their schooling journey.

Our Vision

Our Values

Sabelo Skills Development is committed to transforming South Africa into a leading hub of professionals specializing in scarce skills by 2025.

Our Underlying Principle: “Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand.”

We act with integrity and honesty.

We grow stakeholder value through brand awareness, innovation and superior performance.

We care because there is mutual respect We act with integrity and honesty.

We lead with courage.

We serve with pride We care because there is mutual respect.

How We Do It

We have collaborated with the Department of Education to provide a two-stage approach to solving this problem. The objective is to groom the learners from an early stage developmental phase and work with them over a three-year period to prepare them for the tertiary environment and the corporate sector alike.

This will make them investable assets specifically for professions specialising is scarce skills in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

Our SciGen Workshops

The SciGen workshops run throughout the year at schools across the major municipalities in Gauteng.

Our vision for 2018 is to reach over 35,000 learners in over 100 secondary schools, with each learner getting exposure to the field of STEM through practical sessions over a 6 hour period.

    We strive to build a generation of future pioneers, brand ambassadors for our Sponsors, inquisitive thinkers and, most importantly, investable assets that can thrive in the marketplace.

Our IQ2 Mobile App

    Our IQ2 app, which is scheduled to launch towards the end of 2018, is a mobile application that supplements the SciGen workshops. The app includes:
  • Content schematics in the field of STEM but focusing on scarce skills in the industry
  • Industry quizzes to enrich learner knowledge and application
  • Degree and diploma qualifications that focus on STEM, and the required subjects to be taken at school for a particular field of study
  • Careers that can be pursued and that are linked to degrees and diplomas that learners are interested in